Saturday, July 2, 2016

Second Night in Yokohama

After my the first day of work in Shin-Yokohama, we were invited to eat at the famous restaurant near the office, Ramen Museum. Our Japanese requester chose to eat at Casa Luca Milano, that according to them, has the best ramen in that place.

Most of the members ordered this menu. 

At first I tried to use chopsticks at first. But in the middle, I asked for spoon and fork. The taste was very appetizing that I was able to consume the food.

After the dinner, we went home. Since it was still early, around 8pm,  I decided to take a walk around the area. Only few people are walking in the street. And the area is very quiet. I continued to walk and took pictures of some establishments. While taking some pictures, I even met a man who's very fluent in English. He's riding a bicycle. He's from a foreign country, from Middle East (I guess), that works near the office. After 1 hour, I realized I do not know where I am. I started walking and trying to remember the place where I've been, Since I do not have a map or internet connection, I tried to use the pictures that I took. It was difficult for me to locate the hotel that I am staying. Gladly, I saw an old man in uniform standing near the street. He's not a policeman but in my thoughts he could help me locate my hotel. Since most of the elders are difficult communicating in English, he used his map. Funny thing is that it was just 1 block away from the street. :D

It felt so good seeing this entrance to my hotel.

Walking around the street, I was able to observe some of the good cultures that the Japanese have. One is that their gestures are very courteous even when talking to a strangers. Another is the courtesy they show at pedestrian crossing. The drivers prioritize the pedestrians to cross the street.

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