Saturday, June 18, 2016

First Trip by Plane : Japan

June 14, 2015 was a memorable day for me. I was scheduled to travel to Japan for 6 weeks.  This trip gave me some kinds of "first", My first time to apply for a passport and a visa. My first to go to airport. My first to ride on a plane, and my first trip out of the country. While me and my family were very excited for me, my team leader and manager were worried about me.  I lost my claim stub for visa. That's why they thought that I can get lost because its my first time to go out of the country. They were worried but I was never afraid to go out of the country on my own. These first times and all new kinds of experiences always give me a happy feeling every time I remember them.

While I was on board the plane, I tasted one of the good foods served by the Philippine Airlines. I even had a chat with my seatmates that came from United States. I am excited but I fell asleep.

Lunch served at PAL

One of my funny experiences in Japan, was when I almost left for a bus trip. I was scheduled to arrive at the Haneda (Tokyo) Airport by 2pm. When I bought a ticket for a Shin-Yokohama trip, it was scheduled by 2:40 pm.  I looked at my watch, it is 1pm . I took the luxury to look around at the airport since it is still early. While resting at their comfortable seats, something strucked me. Japan is early by 1 hour. I forgot to adjust the time of my watch. I did not hear any reminder from the flight attendant because I was asleep during the 4-hour trip. I only have 15 minutes left when I started running and asked for the directions on how to go to limousine bus station. I remembered the HR that I should be on this trip because the next scheduled trip will be too late in the afternoon. I ran as fast as I can with my very big luggage, a bag, and a 2-inch heel shoes. Gladly, I still have 2 minutes left when I set my foot on the bus. The bus assistant greeted me politely and helped me with my luggage. The driver is also polite with every passengers. They wear a very presentable uniform. They look like a pilot to me.

Haneda Airport

After 40 minutes of travel, I stopped in front of Shin-Yokohama station. I saw the office in front of the station, and beside the hotel. I tempted to go directly to the hotel since it is just a few walks away. But I chose to wait for my Japanese co-workers. While trying to find the best spot for them to easily find me, I stumbled and fell with my luggage because it was very heavy. Its embarrassing at that moment but at the same time I was laughing at myself.

ROHM and LAPIS semiconductor

It was very cold and breezy afternoon. I'm glad that I put my blazer not on my luggage but on my bag. My Japanese co-workers were waiting for me on one side while me, on the other side. It took them a while before they realized that I could be on the other side. They accompanied me on my hotel, the Fuji-View Hotel, where I can view the Mount Fuji on clear skies. After I changed clothes, we went for a dinner, These two beautiful ladies are very nice and accommodating. They even made a welcome banner for me.

Fuji View Hotel

They toured me on the nearest shopping station, the Shin-Yokohama station.  It is a rail transport station that has shopping malls and hotel. They briefed me where I can buy a not-so-expensive items that I might need or want to buy.

Shin-Yokohama Station

After that, we ended our night for dinner. We went to Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) restaurant, inside the station, This food is pretty good. This became my first favorite Japanese food.

Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake)

To end my night, I thought of two things that gave a remarkable impression to me. The very polite and the well-dressed bus drivers and assistants, and the no-pollution vehicles.

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