Saturday, March 26, 2016

Animals at Baluarte

Baluarte Zoo at Vigan, Ilocos Sur is a very wide area of land that houses domestic and wild animals from around the world. This is owned by former Governor Chavit Singson, thus the name "baluarte" or territory. The zoo is free for public viewing from 8am to 6pm.

There are group of sheeps all over the field,


And a ponies that can be ride on to have a tour around the field. However, the owner should limit the number of people that can ride on this pony, or else he might be worked to death.

There is also a sleeping tiger,

And a parrot that would like to have a picture with you.

There is also a show that introduces the trained animals such as iguana, 

A musang (palm civet cat/weasel),

And even a phyton! Girl Travel Factor is brave enough to touch that very long phyton.

And lastly, here is the house of the former Governor, in which the construction is not yet finished.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Chapel by the Ruins

Chapel by the Ruins, located beside Bantay Church, is a garden-like chapel that you can visit if you want tranquility and peace. The tour guide said that during World War, the people here had a view of war jet plane flying above the chapel. From its name, it is obvious that this was destroyed during war and preserved to maintain its original purpose.

Take a deep look of the bricks used that made it stand strong after a war, even after several centuries.

Bantay Bell Tower

On the 3rd day of our Ilocos Tour, we went to Bantay Church, also known as Saint Augustine Parish Church. This is just a few minutes away from Calle Crisologo. This is one of the oldest church in the Philippines, as it was built during Spanish Era.

Its belfry is separated more or less 100 meters from its church. This is located at the hilltop overlooking the vast area of Bantay and Vigan City. This served as the watchtower against the enemies during World War I and II.

We went on the highest part of the belfry, which shows the bell that still functions today. While giving information, the tour guide is very happy to take a picture of us with the very huge original bell.

This is the view from the tower, overlooking the vast area of some parts of the region

This is the view in front of the tower. The tour guides here know a numerous concepts of taking a pictures of you in front of the tower.