Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mt Fuji, the Highest Peak in Japan

I experienced Mt Fuji during my first Saturday in Japan. My requester was kind enough to accompany us to the highest peak in Japan. We were lucky also that the weather was so good that day, just as what the meteorologist had predicted.

During travel, I noticed that the air was so clean. There is no pollution. One factor is that all vehicles that I've seen are eco-friendly. I wish it would be the same here.

While on our way to Mt Fuji, we saw an amusement park that has a very big ferris wheel and a very long roller coaster. Even a ride-fanatic will have a second thoughts on such a very long wild ride.

As soon as we entered Fuji Subaru Line Stop, a very thick forest can be seen alongside the road.

As we ascent to the road, the fogs are getting thicker and thicker that the visibility became low and we had to slow down. Since it is a two-way road, the only guide that gave us a safe trip is the white mark that was written on each sides and center of the road.

While others chose to travel to Mt Fuji by car, others love to go there by biking. Such a very strong athlete to travel to Mt Fuji by a difficult way.

We stopped for a while as we get near to the 5th Station. There is a lodging and accommodation for the travelers. From here, we can see the view of the neighborhood at the foot of the mountain. 

One closer view of the tree that gives the cool breeze of Mt Fuji.

As we get to the 5th station, we saw a group of tourist bus. It might be a peak season on the month of June. 

Then at the 5th station, you will see some persons offering a horse ride for the tourist. The tourist guide provides information up to what station is still safe due to weather. They ban the tourists to climb the summit if the weather is not good.

There are also tourist guide there that offers horseback riding to Mt Fuji. But we decided to walk.

At first I thought its hard, but its different from what I expected, Since it has good trails, it was not difficult to hike.  After some few walks as we entered the trail, we saw this foggy side of the trail.

On the left side, there is some part that is covered with ice, the reason why we can barely see trees on this region.

After an hour of walk, we decided to go back. We get to see inside this souvenir store and museum.

While looking around the area, we saw this tree that was preserved. We saw several of this while we were in the car. If not preserved, some trees were tied in a string, so it will not stumble during storm. The forest really has been protected and cared by the government.

After looking for some souvenirs, we decided to have lunch outside the 5th station. We went into this restaurant.

We ordered thick noodles. I forgot the name of the food but it has vegetables. Such a delicious noodles that if I can remember it, I will order the same meal again.

What a great sight to end our lunch in this place.

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