Saturday, January 30, 2016

Beach Party at Magalawa Island

This year, the team had its Christmas party at Magalawa Island, Palauig Zambales. This is the second time that the team held its Christmas party at the Beach.

There are so many fun things that we did at the beach. Some played cards, while others chose to tour the beach.

While touring the beach, we saw a mangrove seedlings. This is part of the island's conservation project.  We even saw a group of migratory birds.

We also had snorkeling as provided by the resort (Armada Resort). After that, we had a photoshoot trying to catch the sun..

A photoshoot on the sand..

Even a  photoshoot with the startfish. :D

That night we had a Christmas party. We played game of charade with the topics of movies and songs of Christmas. After that we had exchange gifts. Items should follow the last letter of the surname of the bearer of the gift. 

Whats good in this island is that you have an option to rent a cottages, pitch your own tent, cook your own dinner or just eat a prepared food.  We chose to pitch our own tent but to eat a prepared food at the resort's floating restaurant. This gave us a lot of time to enjoy the beach..

 and the sunset..

 at a not-so-expensive cost.

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